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hair wellness • volume+density


Powerful, ultra-fine serum nourishes hair follicles and strands and immediately re-balances the natural hair cycle, prolonging the growth phase and shortening the shedding phase.  The result is less scalp show, more density and volume, and healthier hair.


Dr. Levy’s research in hair growth disorders at Duke University Medical Center gave him advanced knowledge of hair biology. His experience with men with receding hairlines who do not want transplant surgery inspired him to develop ground-breaking gender-specific topical treatments to restore hair volume in men.


GROW for Men | Joe Bae

  • Directions • Apply one aspiration of serum with dropper along midline of scalp nightly.

    Ingredients • Minoxidil 5%, Biotin, Niacinamide 1%,Saw Palmetto Phytonutrient, Vitamin D. Paraben-Free.

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